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International Student Advisory Team

About us

The International Student Advisory Team (ISAT) is the only team at the University that can legally provide UK visa and immigration advice to its international students and applicants.

  • We advise UK study routes and offer a visa application checking service, where visa application forms and supporting documents can be checked before a visa application is made.
  • We cannot always advise non-student visa holders or those seeking advice on non-UK study routes, but we can signpost to the appropriate information where possible.
  • We offer appointments in person, via Teams and telephone and have a dedicated email inbox staffed by a team of experienced immigration advisers.
  • We advise students on the potential visa implications of proposed changes in their circumstances such as course changes, suspensions, withdrawals, re-sits and dissertation extensions.
  • ISAT cannot authorise student absence requests, but we can advise on the visa implications of absences.
  • We are also responsible for monitoring the attendance and engagement of all Student/Tier 4 visa holders and provide advice to students on the visa implications of failing to attend and engage as required.
  • The University is an alternative collection location for Biometric Residence Permits (BRPs), meaning students can have their BRPs delivered to ISAT and these will be stored securely on their behalf.
  • We assist students with errors on their visas, or if they lose their BRP during their studies.
  • We also have a dedicated Student Experience Manager able to advise on settling into the UK, including advice on UK banking, schooling, cultural communication and understanding and raising awareness about fraud (and providing support if a student is a victim of fraud), as well as providing social support and organising events.

Schools who want to start a conversation regarding the best ways to support their international students should contact us directly.


Services for students

  • Appointments in person, via Teams and telephone  
  • Email advice service 
  • Visa and immigration advice and guidance on UK study routes 
  • Information on working during and after studies  
  • Guidance on Graduate route eligibility  
  • Understanding visa conditions  
  • BRP collection service
  • BRP/visa error advice and support 
  • Lost BRP advice and support  
  • Settling into the UK- including banking, schooling, getting a SIM card, council tax 
  • Understanding UK culture and developing integration skills 
  • Fraud awareness and support


Resources for staff